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Edie Klein NYC


Independent Luxury Escort


Beneath the veneer of every human interaction is erotic electricity, the charge of the elemental and primal. Dive under the surface, and you’ll feel yourself beckoned by an inviting current. Surrender to that current, and a realm of boundless pleasures await you - in the right company, of course. You’ve been in love before (for the uninitiated, you’ll know soon) and are well acquainted with the thrill of being swept out to a sea of adventure, romance, and limitless possibility. It’s the same sea that countless artists and poets have written more delicious descriptions of than could be imbibed over many lifetimes. The water is warm, a refreshing liberation from the prosaic; the flavor is ebullient, rich, and intoxicating.


Let me guide you on an unforgettable excursion beyond the superficial limits of convention. You’ll feel every fiber of your being awaken. Uninhibited by any self-conscious hesitancy you might have experienced outside, you relax into the person you long to be. My world lies within your grasp. Your courage and curiosity are the only passports you need.

And so...if you dare, intrepid traveler?

Follow me. I know the way.

Wild nights - Wild nights!

Were I with thee

Wild nights should be

Our luxury!

Emily Dickinson

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