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Edie Klein NYC



   Age: 28 | Height: 5'6 or 168 cm | Hair: Brunette Pixie Cut | Eyes: Hazel | Size: 32C-28-39 

   Base: NYC | Drink: Mezcal, Sake, Sparkling Water | Eat: Oysters, Gluten Free Cuisine

   Grooming: Natural, Hairy| Flower: Tiger Lillies, Peonies | Style: Classic with a Modern Twist

By trade, I am a philosopher and art scholar. I revel in the exquisitely crafted, conceptually novel, and experientially sublime. Many of my days are spent poring over my studies and writing. My academic background is in epistemology, sexuality, and poetic analysis. How we come to love and understand the erotic are subjects that have held me in their thrall for all of my life. My every waking moment is a conscious, passionate dedication to every expression of Eros.

I’m most intrigued by modern and contemporary arts: the visual, auditory, theatrical, and immersive varieties. Our surroundings shape our perceptual foundation of the world around us. This topic fascinates me, and I seek out the most fantastical, awe-inspiring, and aesthetically pleasing environments to ruminate in. There is much to experience in the world, and the very notion of endless possibilities is my greatest turn-on.

Expect your perspective to shift when in the presence of a true sensualist. Small, beautiful experiences yield an intoxicating sense of delight. A walk ceases to be a mere way of transporting oneself to-and-fro, and is transformed into a destination in its own right, as we hold hands and revel in all of the wonders that surround us. The golden light that gently falls on our path from bronze Gothic style lamp posts. The timeless silhouette of two lovers in an alley whose passion magnetizes their hands to one another’s bodies. A peak of lace revealing itself as I lean over the dinner table to suggest our own private dessert menu.


There’s erotic beauty everywhere we cast our eyes, and I live for drinking in every single drop.

Those close to me often exclaim, “I’ve never met anyone who loves life as much as you!" It’s true: I am in a love affair with life itself. An aesthete, romantic, and adventurer, I have transformed the art of pleasure into a lifestyle. Celebrating the senses is cathartic and transformative. Masterfully crafted natural wines, tailored suiting, and an expertly fashioned date bring me to my knees—the flavors, textures, and thoughtfulness exhilarate me.

I'm difficult to categorize, and I wholeheartedly embrace my ambiguity. My head is in the clouds and my feet are planted firmly on this generous, verdant ground. I inhabit the special and privileged juncture of heaven and earth. Most people feel constrained by the roles the world expects them to play—I offer a release from such limitations. My quest for pleasure defies convention, and exists purely and unapologetically for itself.

Let’s talk about you. You, who is so full of vigor for life and what it has to offer. Are you aware of your infinite capacity for pleasure, and that each one of your senses yearns to be roused and awakened on the journey? You find inspiration in new discoveries, whether finding your way into exclusive member bars, or learning to fly over the glaciers of Alaska. You appreciate beauty and excellence in all of its forms—a fascinating architectural design by Tadao Ando…and, my ass in denim. Rest assured, you’ve come to the right place.

It's clear that you have a fantasy. After all, it’s the only path that leads to me. Perhaps you’ve lived alongside this desire for quite some time, a voyeur to others reveling in its expression, scouring the internet for articles you read into the late hours, intellectualizing it and finding yourself ever distracted by this secret, unsatiated yearning.

There’s nothing more satisfying than moving theory to praxis.

Come experience it for yourself.


Taste: oysters, mezcal, sake, dry rosé, cured meats, ginger, hibiscus, truffle, pâté, Pernod, Ricard, omakase

See: contemporary + modern art, ocean views, architecture + design, japanese + scandinavian aesthetic, vintage neon, art deco theaters, enchanting gardens

Smell: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, Aesop Marrakech Intense, fresh jasmine, gardenia, amber, sandalwood

Touch: silk, leather, onsen, sauna, cashmere, fine sand

Hear: architectual acoustics, symphony orchestra, spatialized audio, vinyl, motown, old school R&B, ambient, classic rock, soul, jazz


I'll affect you slowly
as if you were having
a picnic in a dream.
There will be no ants.
It won't rain.

Richard Brautigan

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