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48 HRS — Supra-Sensorial


12 HRS — Réalités Nouvelles

6HRS —Romanticism
My Personal Favorite


4 HRSMagic Realism

3 HRS — Triptych

2 HRS —Relational Aesthetics

1.5  HRS — Kinaesthetic

1 HR —Impressionism



Feeling shy? This is the perfect way to dip your toes into a new connection. Let's warm up to one another over a cup of tea. 

Strictly social and prepaid in full.

$450/HR for up to 2HRS.


In need of a partner in crime for your grand adventure? I offer incentives for locations of the tropical variety and those in my Dream Date Handbook.



Letter Exchange + Texting: $200/Letter or per diem

Phone Chat: $100/30 Mins

Three 2HR Dates: $3600

Three 3HR Dates: $5100 

Three 4HR Dates: $6100 

Two 6HR Dates: $5400 

Two 12HR Dates: $8200 

Must be prepaid in full and scheduled within 60 days.


CancellationsPlease note that if cancelling within 48HRS of our arranged time, I request 50% of the consideration. If the cancellation is within 12HRS, 100% of the balance is required. Failure to do so will result in an industry wide blacklist and an inability to book future meetings with me.

Deposits: Local dates require a 25% deposit, touring dates require 50%, and FMTY dates require 100% in order to be confirmed. I offer electronic and physical payment options. All deposits are nonrefundable.

Dates of 3+ Hours: These blissful encounters should include an activity out in the world. I have a lot of ideas for us in my Dream Date Handbook. If you prefer a stay-cation for just us lovers, +$200/hour from the third hour on.

Screening: I require three of the following: two recent references, a photo of your government ID (you can black out everything except your name and photo), a LinkedIn profile, and/or a professional email address.

Same Day Appointments: Do you like to live spontaneously? I totally get it. On the rare chance that I'm available for a last minute date, please add $500 to my consideration for a same day tryst.

Additional Costs: All fees incurred during our date and respective preparations are the responsibility of the client. As such, any required travel and accommodation expenses are supplementary to the above considerations. If you require me to book an upscale location for our time together, please be prepared to supply $200 for an incall. Any travel outside of city center will require $150/HR or a minimum booking time to cover travel fees.

New Clients: I'm happy to add 30 minutes of social time to your first booking, upon availability. Booking in advance is encouraged to secure this additional time. Simply mention it when you reach out to book.

Kink Rates: If your proclivities are of the kinky variety, please inquire for my rates.

Couples: Kindly add $500 to the consideration listed above.

Continued Reading: Visit my FAQ page by clicking here.

Smile, for your lover comes!
Prodigal! you have given me love! . . . . therefore I to you give love!
O unspeakable passionate love!

Walt Whitman



A well planned rendez-vous is a powerful thing indeed. It has the power to color the world rosy, weaken the stiffest of knees, and release a bounty of fluttering butterflies in our stomachs. I'm full of ideas and within are just a few to choose from.


Click here to peak at my guide and get inspired for our perfect rendez-vous.


Like me, you're a curious soul who loves to learn. This enchanted chamber holds the keys to unlocking the most sublime dinner date experience, an immersive experience of the senses with my darling friends and I, and how our meetings will begin to unfold.

All you need to do intrepid traveler, is click here.

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