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I live in the present, and warmly anticipate forming a meaningful connection with you. This world is a door to infinite possibilities—light hearted and devil-may-care fun, deeper heartfelt bonds, and the space to try new things and break the mold - to name a few. I’m excited to be on this journey with you, and as such, you’ll find me to be engaged, attentive, and phone-free (except of course, when I’m photographing our culinary escapades). There’s no more wondrous time than the present—let’s meet in the here and now.


I am a planner by nature. My schedule is bustling, and set well in advance. Therefore, I am rarely available for same day dates with new clients. If the stars align and I'm available for a same day booking, please add $500 to my consideration.


I’d recommend reaching out to me at least two weeks in advance to ensure that I’m available for our prospective rendez-vous. It should be said that planners make me melt; you will be thanked generously for your forethought. Pre-bookings are always prioritized.


My favorite way to be contacted by a new friend is my website’s booking form. If you prefer to send an email, please make sure to include the requested information on said booking form for the quickest reply. Please allow 24-48 hours for me to respond. If you’d like to stay in touch virtually, I offer texting, letter writing, and phone call services.


If meeting in private, leave the consideration in an unsealed envelope on the bathroom counter. If we meet in public, please slip the consideration into an art book or vinyl that you know I’ll adore. I reward creativity, so I invite you to make it personal. For those strapped for time, a card or gift bag will do quite nicely.

I take my mezcal neat and my men neater. You’ll find me well-manicured and impeccably fresh. In turn, I ask the same of you.


Deposits are required for all dates and are nonrefundable—25% for local dates, 50% for touring and 100% for FMTY adventures. Our time together is not confirmed until I receive a deposit. In the unlikely case that I need to cancel, you’ll be fully refunded. I offer a number of electronic payment options for deposits to be sent; don’t fret, we’ll find something that works for you. If you prefer to send a deposit via gift card, you can send it to my email from the following businesses: Saks, The RealReal, and Uber.


EXTENSIONS: If my schedule permits it, I would love nothing more than to continue our grand aesthetic adventure together. Each hour is an additional $600.

CANCELLATIONS: Life happens! I understand. With that in mind, as much notice as possible for changes in our plans is appreciated. Please note that if canceling within 24HRS of our arranged time, I request 50% of the consideration. If the cancellation is within 12HRS, 100% of the balance is required. Failure to do so will result in an industry wide blacklist and an inability to book future meetings with me.


INCALL: I’m happy to book an upscale location for us to meet and ask that you cover the associated costs. If you have any accessibility needs, please let me know when you reach out.

OUTCALL: I have a passion for all things design related, and thoroughly enjoy exploring stylish interiors. I am available for outcalls to 4 and 5 star hotels. If you are dreaming of a cozy visit to your personal residence, additional screening will be required.


So, you don’t live in NYC? Not a problem. I can bring the delights of The Big Apple to your doorstep. I’m passport ready and revel in the nuanced perspectives that travel offers.

Planning a trip together can require a bit of coordinating and I find chatting on the phone to be so much more enjoyable and efficient. I encourage you to book a phone call to chat about plans and the call’s rate will go toward the trip’s total.


FMTY rates are my rates plus the cost of travel. I require 100% of travel fees plus 50% of my rates to confirm this date. A minimum date duration may apply depending on distance (the longer the distance, the longer the date).

For overnight dates, I prefer to have my own bed. I'm a light sleeper and everyone will have a more enjoyable time feeling refreshed and well rested. Not to worry, we'll have plenty of time to snuggle before slumbering and upon waking up!


Let me tell you a secret: the way to my heart is through my stomach! I’m enthusiastic about trying new cuisines in delicious company. There’s one tiny obstacle that attempts to stand in the way of my hedonistic sensual indulgence: I’m a celiac. That means that I cannot eat gluten or even foods that share preparation surfaces.

If you’d like to bring us an amuse-bouche, fresh fruits and artisanal cheeses are safe and delicious options. Most packaged items will display a GF for “gluten free”. Caviar and crème fraiche on gluten free crackers? Don’t mind if I do!

For dinner dates, I am oh-so-thrilled to call ahead to our restaurant of choice to check that I have the green light. Need suggestions? I have an impressive list of lovely locations for us to indulge at. In a pinch of the most decadent variety, I happily fall back on a meal of oysters and champagne!

What date would be complete without refreshments? I only drink lighter wines—think orange, champagne, rose, and white wines. My tastes tend toward dry and mineral qualities, though I love a truly unconventional natural wine profile. I am in a passionate love affair with sake and mezcal and we’d love for you to join us for a wildly decadent time.


Spoil me and watch me light up like the like Shibuya’s Center Gai. Your favorite mezcal, a lingerie set that you’re dying to see me saunter around in, a unique vintage jewelry piece to match the sparkle in my eyes, these are all things that I adore and would be tickled by. If it’s a shopping partner that you desire, consider yourself perfectly matched!

Here’s a link to my wishlist and some of my favorite things.


My friends are as charming as they are gorgeous. I’d love for them to join us! Here are a handful to spark your imagination: Marie LeBlanc, Meridith Ye, Peyton Alexander, Delphine, Sophia Skye, Danny Gold, and Flora Sparks.

If you had someone in mind who is not named above, I’d love to meet them. Just ask.

The gentleman’s approach to group affairs is rate matching, meaning that all of the vixens present are compensated equally, with the higher rate amongst them. This strategy keeps group dynamics enjoyable and equitable, which is why I require it.

Edie Klein NYC


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